As soon as I submit to the many readers of this site that I emphasize the non flavored vodka market, I go off and spend most of the recent posts on that market:

Van Gogh Dutch Chocolate Vodka...Looks I Need Not Report On The Price

This vodka surprised me.  As many of you read in prior posts, I am a big fan of 360 Vodka.  I reviewed the 360 Double Chocolate product earlier.  I must say, this offering surpassed the 360 product, but for a totally different reason than one would think. Flavored vodkas tend to get away from the true taste of vodka.  This is one of the reasons I do not favor the flavored market.  Van Gogh, however, combined the best of both worlds.  The beginning of the Van Gogh product tastes for a glimpse of a moment like a smooth straight up vodka. While this sensation is very short lived, and followed by a rush of chocolate taste that nearly overwhelms, it still has that vodka flavor. Many of the vodka drinkers who are merely social on the product will not appreciate this trait in Van Gogh Dutch Chocolate Vodka. But this is what truly cause the product to shine, beyond that of the 360 offering. Not only does the taste start true vodka, it lingers excellently throughout the taste. Swirl it in your mouth for at least 10 seconds.  You will have a smooth combination of the vodka and dutch chocolate taste.  This combination also separates it from another criticism I have on the drink taste drink market overall; that is if you wish to get s overload sensation of a taste in a alcohol, just go purchase a liqueur. Nothing can beat a bottle of Godiva Chocolate Liqueur if you really wish for a chocolate sensation.  But generally, this has no place in true hard liquor beverages.

For this reasoning, I adore the Van Gogh Dutch Chocolate Vodka, at least as much as I can adore such products.  The vodka taste that resonates throughout the splash is also very smooth. It combines delicately with the chocolate to bring a relaxing, laid back sipping kind of night that can lead to other bohemian pleasures. This expecially true as your significant other, who is likely not a vodka hound, needs to have a taste pleaser to tie on that cool buzz.

Van Gogh Dutch Chocolate Vodka is imported from Holland.  It is 70 proof, so it is a bit lighter on the buzz factor than a straight up vodka.  The price, well, check the picture above. Cool me does not remove price tags before snapping photos.  This price was for a 750 ML bottle.  It is produced from grain in Holland.  The other thing I mention here is that it has a twist off cap.  While convenient for easy access (every make likes easy access), I do not consider this a good packaging scheme for a vodka that costs north of $27 a 750 ML bottle.

Not sure about the distribution of this product, but feel free to check out the website, Van Gogh Vodkas for more information.  Happy Vodka