I live in Texas. Forgive me.  Everyone in Texas has an ego the size of the member every male wishes he had. So it is not surprise that when it comes to Texas products, Texans say it is beyond approach, the cats meow, the big cahuna. Yes, you can criticize me for the last post which was carried on sister site REDDGRANITE.  But please give me a chance. I am not a Texan.  I do not care.  The product last reviewed here and and REDD was, and is, kick ass. There will be more from this family of products to follow.  But tonight, we review Tito’s handmade vodka.

Titos...You Had Better Mix It

I have to say, I do not get it.  Texans love this product.  Listed as an Austin, Texas distillery, this is actually made in Dripping Springs, Texas, about 20 miles out from central Austin, but no less scenic. It claims to be Texas’ first distillery.  OK. Word of mouth drove this product. The local reviews were stunning at best. So I had to try this mother’s milk of Vodka. I am trying not to dishearten my haste for everything that is Texas ego, and more specifically Austin (do not get me wrong, I would live in Austin in a moment, but they are quite hung up on themselves). But bottom line, this vodka falls far below 1) the standards I am used to 2) true drinkablity (read….straight up) and 3) marginal mixology. I just do not get it.  This vodka starts with a chemical burn, and the one thing that is truly consistent throughout is that the chemical burn will remain with you as long as you drink it, at least straight up, that is.  Of course, we test all our vodkas straight up. There is nothing pleasant about this vodka.  If you mix it, well, perhaps the improvement will be marginal.

The taste just never improves.  It can be said it is consistent taste, but I rate it consistently bad. Packaged in a non-descript bottle and label, this vodka, in fairness to this harsh review, is not priced to be a higher end vodka like we are accustomed to reviewing. So you will only separate about $25-30 for a 1.75 liter bottle.  Well, for you college binge drinkers, you can get a lot of mixes out of that one.  But for you vodka fans with more refined tastes, you will be disappinted. Now, is it that much worse than similarly priced offerings?  Probably not. Your basic Smirnoff, and any other like vodka is about the same.  Tito’s may still even be a bit rougher. The nly vodka I have found in this price range that is worthy is 360, from Weston, Missouri.  But this is subject to another review…so tune in.

Meanwhile, please pass Tito’s and leave it on the shelf.  I am convinced you have a word of mouth Texas connection going here that has little to do with how good or bad a vodka truly is.  Sorry Tito