What do you do on a Sunday night, the end of a weekend, to create the bridge into the workweek?  Well, of course you invade your daughters stash of Skyy Vodka.  Only this time, I did not realize that this was a flavored vodka. The last post informed you what I think of flavored vodkas and review them, but truth be told, we will need to review them, as clearly, even thought the vodka marketplace introduces new entries all the time, the maturing marketplace has turned to flavored offerings to keep the short term ADD people of Wall Street happy, whether we like it or not.

Thing is, this is a good flavored vodka. The first taste to the lip yielded a nice fruity taste void of the the strength of this vodka which is the normal 80 proof of any other vodka.  Now it is no secret that the flavored vodka market appeals to the 20 somethings as they mix it with Red Bull and other drinks that are lace with uppers to give them their next legal high. They will mix it with Red Bull, any other energy drink that gives them that extra jolt.  Very good.  I just found this to be are refreshing drink over the rocks….as is all my reviews, straight up. The taste of berry is vibrant, pleasant to the palate. After the berry taste infusion came a smooth, subtle, yet decent kick of the taste of vodka (you regulars know what I am talking about, no need to explain here). The finish was just a bit rough, but not obtrusive.

Skyy is produced with ethanol in northern California. So, in a way, it is the opposite of the green from the last two reviews, since ethenol should probably be going into our vehicles instead.  How politically incorrect. At $19.95 for a .75 bottle, it is pricey, but worth it. On a scale of 10 martini glasses, I give it a solid six.  And remember, I am jaded since I normally focus on unflavored vodka.  Lets put it this way, in the heat around here that has been averaging over 106 for the last two weeks, Skyy Dragon Fruit over ice was very nice.  I also endorse mixing it with a citrus soda, like 7up, Sprtie or the like, or the diet derivative, (my choice, anyway) of the aforementioned