Appleton Estates XV Rum

Appleton Estates XV Rum

For some people growing up as the second or third (etc) child in the family, there was sometimes a tough go of it when following the footsteps of a high or overachieving sibling.  The neighbors, your relatives, school teachers, coaches, ad nauseum were all quick to point out how the older sibling was so smart, well-behaved, fast, quick-witted and “practically perfect in every way”.  It was hard to find your own path and pursue your own goals while having the looming shadow of the past around every corner.

Such is today’s review of the Appleton Estates VX Jamaica Rum.  Previous readers may note that Appleton Estate Plantation  Grand Reserve is currently listed as #5 in my Top Ten Rums.  So how does “little brother” VX Jamaica Rum fare?


Well, let’s talk about the bottle.  Pleasantly hefty, with a beautiful red and gold label with an embossed V/X the picture features a mule-drawn cart in front of a distillery surrounded by mountainous jungle. The label states the 80 proof rum is hand blended and also, distilled, blended and bottled in Jamaica.  The outstanding website states that all Appleton Estates Rum come from the 11,000 acre estate in the Nassau Valley of Jamaica.  The estate dates back to 1655, when the British captured Jamaica from the Spanish, and is mentioned as a rum producer as far back as 1749.  This is no new debutante at the party.

Opening the screw top and letting the rum breathe for a moment, then pouring it into a glass brings little aroma.  The first neat sip is unimpressive, a little cocoa and earthiness, a touch of oak with a dry mechanical finish.  Not a good sipping rum.  Mixed with cola and diet cola  it is merely average.  It does not blend well with fruit juices.  This rum is like going to the school dance and seeing all the good dancers out on the floor and you end up with a partner who is earnest, but not very good looking and has no rhythm.  At $25 bucks a bottle, this rum should hear that dreaded refrain, “Why can’t you be more like your big brothers?”

This rum gets 3.5 corks out of ten.

The Rum Quest continues!

—-The Rum Guy