Sometimes events that you attend can leave you with drinking choices you would rather not make. Such is a case most recently as I attended a college football game recently at the great facility in Dallas, Texas whom everyone calls ‘Jerry’s World’. This event, as I thought, would not even serve alcohol as the game involved the worlds largest (and non-drinking, yeah right) Southern Baptist institution, those struggling Baylor Bears.  Upon arrival, the surprise was that since Texas Tech was listed as the home team for this central location game deemed the Texas Shootout (and believe me, it was with a final score of BU on top 66-42), this meant that alcohol could be served at Jerry’s World prices.  Firmly believing in my motto, never watch Baylor Football sober, I headed off in the quest for Vodka.  Now this facility has many bars of different types. You can purchase the higher end vodkas at some of bars.  I merely opted for the closest I could find, lest I get lost in this mammoth edifice.

Absolut Vodka, Absolut Choices

The only option on the vodka list at this particular bar was Absolut. So I ordered a double at the mere steal of $20, topped it with a lime and off I went. The $20 for this double will nearly cover the cost of a 750ml bottle of Smirnoff.  What I found was a very refreshing, smooth vodka. I went heavy on the lime squeeze, which may have helped.  The smooth approach to the vodka was tempting to throw back a little quickly. There was no chemical taste throughout the sip. The taste remained consistent throughout leaving it all too easy to repeat the steps quickly. This vodka will mix well with virtually any energy or fruit mixer that you dare to take on. It is a popular option for the Red Bull and whatever crowd, by virtue of its relative inexpensiveness and its less offensive approach to the drink.

Packaging is simple and basic.  The only complaint I had was not tied to the vodka, rather, the service.  It was not properly frozen, as you likely would not expect at an event such as this.  The result is that it quickly watered down over my rapidly diminished ice leaving a much weaker sibling in the cup.  By virtue of its mild flavor which was a plus, it becomes quickly intolerable if not served as frozen temperature as possible.

Absolut is made in southern Sweden from Winter Wheat. It is the 4th largest selling spirit in the world.  It started from humble beginnings by challenging a virtual monopoly of spirits in the country by offering a much lower cost product than what could be purchased at the time.Like all other distillers today,  Absolut comes in many different flavors as well, an attempt to keep a grip on market share and interest in vodka overall as other players in the spirits market come and go as the prom queen.

I recommend absolute, especially for the price.  If Baylor Football can post a win while I am knocking back a double, it may well be worth a bottle at home