We mare Vodka lovers.  All kinds. All brands. We are experts of the that stealth drink made out of either potatoes or grain. We like the flavored Vodkas as well. We celebrate the marketplace for Vodka, the branding, the packaging, the taste, the experience, and yes, the occasional buzz we tie on when we do our reviews on an empty stomach. (No need to cloud the tasting mechanism here, correct?) We are really no different than you.  Only we spend our time and resources toward a passion, embibe, then pass suitable knowledge onto you so that you may make your own observations

Whether you are just looking to begin a journey with this fine liquor, or gain knowledge for your party needs, or look for new suggestions, you have come to the fight place. We review Vodka as a regular feature of this site.  Occasionally, we will go into the marketplace, the business of Vodka if you will disbursing tidbits of knowledge and observations on the clear alcohol of choice.

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