As discussed in the marketplace section of this site, the vodka market exploded, and now we are in the ‘maturing’ state of the marketplace.  And, with this, comes the onslaught of new product from every brand trying to capture more, or maintain, some level of market share. It is no different with 360 Vodka, reviewed last post. I have not ventured out to review the flavored vodkas as yet, because this site has not reached the maturity and the market saturation that the overall vodka marketplace has.

360 chocolate vodka

But I feel compelled, yes, compelled to review 360 chocolate vodka. So you already know from last post I am a big fan of 360.  It simply is the best taste and value out there that I have discovered to date. I will continue the journey to try, and review many others, but so far, take note, 360 is king.  Same goes for its chocolate vodka. From the first approach to the lips and tongue, this flavored vodka satisfies to a dramatic level. It starts out very smooth, very chocolate milk-like.  You have not an idea at this point that you are drinking a vodka, a 80 proof vodka at that.  Upon swishing around in the palate, the vodka kicks in, with a little punch that reminds you that your not in Kansas anymore, Toto. This kick is still a bit stealth. Just enough to know you are there, but not strong enough to ruin the chocolate experience.  Then finish then returns to a smooth, unparalleled taste that resonates with pure cocoa flavor.  This is not your typical candy bar chocolate taste, this is just a bit less sweet.  But the taste runs deeply into a creamy smoothness.

The aftertaste is like afterglow of coitus. The taste and aroma linger for a few moments reminding of the smooth experience you just ingested. Even non vodka drinkers would severely appreciate this drink in its straight form. It can serve as a sipping drink that can last even the most weak of drinkers through a party.  Just keep it iced up.

Along with the 360 Chocolate Vodka Review comes a suggestion. Clearly, all brands are trying to capture larger market share by including drinkers that would normally not imbibe in straight up vodka, like this purist site likes to review. So for you out there who fall into this category, not a criticism, but a suggestion.  Not that 360 chocolate vodka needs this, but try mixing the product with whole milk.  Mix it a third milk, two thirds 360 chocolate vodka. The result is a creamy sensatiion that will leave your senses wanting a whole lot more.

Out of 10 martini glasses, I give 360 chocolate vodka a solid 9. Why not a 10? Well its principle mainly.  Not sure what a 10 really looks or tastes like, so something that gets as close as this, I stick with my 9

Pricing is about the same as regular 360 vodka. Check the post below as I discuss in detail average pricing for regular 360.

OK. I promise, I will get off this 360 vodka kick.  We must go on review so many more, a challenge I am up to. Check back often.  I review vodkas from a every day guy consumer standpoint, not some professional.  This is true word of mouth, baby, and you can get it right here for all your vodka review queries.

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