OK. We are a Vodka site.  So why the rum reviews?  Honestly, I have been drinking rums for much longer than vodka (see half story under marketplace page).  Our very own Rum Guy tastes and reviews rums so you do not have to.  I just happen to put them up here and on sister site REDDGRANITE. So go with it.

Flor De Cana

The latest in my attempt to find the great rums of the world, brings me to an almost-repeat.  Like dating a pretty girl then going out with her sister. Similar, but not the same.  I am referring to Flor De Cana, a rum from the Central American country of Nicaragua.  The name means Sugarcane Flower in espanol.  Based in Managua,  this 80 proof rum (which means 40% alcohol by volume) was originally introduced in 1890.  They state their product line has won over 100 awards since 2000.


From a marketing standpoint, the bottle is a standard-make bottle, not eye-catching at all.  The label is appealing with black and gold print on a pale yellow background, which accentuate the light amber color of the rum.  This time I am trying the 4-year old gold rum, versus the 7-year old Gran Reserva (Grand Reserve) I had tried earlier.  A younger sister, as it were.  The logos of each of their various products have their own similar but distinctive styles.  The more expensive the rum, the more elaborate the label.  Go figure.


Opening the screw-top, pouring it straight into a glass and watching the almost-gold liquid slide into the glass you can let the rum breathe.   The first flavor that catches your attention is vanilla.  Not as robust (or as overwhelming depending on your taste) as the 7 year Gran Reserva, this rum is subtle, like just a hint of perfume behind a woman’s ear.  The taste gives a moderate initial “burn” then quickly dissolves into a warm, mildly pleasant finish.  The flavor is slightly woody, like the smoke of a fireplace drifting a long way on the wind.  And that is the problem with this rum.  It is not “too” anything.  Not too much vanilla, not too much color, not too much smoke, not too much bite. I like my rums to have personality, and this one just doesn’t have much of one.  Sort of like the high-school science club.  Nice folks, but not exciting—no “oomph” as it were.  This rum doesn’t mix with cola well, either regular or diet cola.  Perhaps the vanilla distracts it.  It does mix with fruit juices quite well, which was a pleasant surprise.  Again, the subtle flavors enhance the fruit juice and do not overpower it, which many darker rums will do.


Would I try Flor De Cana again?  Perhaps, but only the older versions. At approximately $15 a bottle, it is not a bad rum, but there are better rums out there for the price.  It does not make my Top 10.


The Quest Continues…..


The Rum Guy


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