Today we review a rum from the British West Indies (Barbados)—Pusser’s Rum.  For more than 300 years Royal Navy of Great Britain had their Pursers issued their sailors a daily ration (or “tot”) of rum. This was believed to prevent scurvy as diet restrictions on board were prone to cause the disease.  Sailors’s  turned Purser into “Pusser” and the daily tot continued until July 31, 1970 (now sometimes recalled as “Black Day”) when the tradition ended.  Per the Pusser’s website, entrepreneur Charles Tobias obtained the recipe and rights of the five-rum blend and formed the company on the BVI and started selling to the public in 1980.  The company donates a portion of the sale  of each bottle sold to the Royal Navy Sailors Fund.  Per the website, Pusser’s is now a single malt rum, uses no flavoring agents, and is mostly pot-stilled.  The bottle is Royal Navy Blue and Red with a blue-capped cork and British Naval Flag on the front.

Opening the bottle, the aroma  is strong but not overpowering.  The first neat sip is rich, with molasses coating your throat like a warm blanket on a cold night.  The 84 proof rum has a smooth middle with a  residual metallic finish from distillation. The extra 4% from most rums, brings a powerful substance to the drink and can be stout without being overpoweringly heavy.  This is a very good sipping rum, for those that like more “oomph” and mixes well with regular cola.  It may be a little too strong for most diet colas.  If mixed with fruit juices, it works better with a little less rum and more juice.  Which has an upside in that the bottle lasts a little longer that way.

I had little expectations of this rum, and was very pleasantly pleased. At approximately $25 per bottle, this is not a cheap rum, but a good rum for the price. The buyer needs to be aware that this rum will not be a rum for everybody as responses from friends and family varied greatly.  I give this rum  7and a half corks and slide it into my Top 10 Rums.

The Rum Quest continues.

The Rum Guy