Lately, as the vodka fad starting show signs of fading into oblivion, the younger generation became involved and re-energized the marketplace.  This was synonymous with the advent of energy drinks. Suddenly we have a whole bunch of concoctions that are designed to buzz you up in a hurry and crank you up at the same time.  Kinda of a pre-introduction to X if you will.  With this, millions of the younger generation throughout the world could take on dance clubs for hours on end……thus the advent of things like Red Bull and Vodka.

When mixing like this, vodka purists discount the need for any kind of premium vodka like Grey Goose or however, think that the mixing is enhanced by premium vodkas, however, I know I am older than the average user of this mixture and certainly have ions of more disposable income. Do what is a reasonably priced mixer with Red Bull and other energy drinks?  Well, even though I somewhat panned the product in an earlier post, DEEP EDDY  (live link here folks) vodka serves as a wonderful mixer that is somewhat easy on the billfold. When trying to figure what mixes well, I believe the focus most be on complementary tastes of the mixing fluids. And while you can mix nearly any energy drink with vodka, Deep Eddy Vodka is just smooth enough, and not overbearing to let you get your buzz on while dancing the night away. I prefer it with one of the energy drinks with a hint of carbonation.  Red Bull has this, but I prefer Monster Energy Low Carb. Very subtle in gas, great on taste, and low in carbs and calories. Together they make a great combination.  Of course, as large as the energy drink market has become, you can experiment with all kinds of options.

And I agree with the college kids, while premium vodkas taste great in mixing with energy drinks, at the end of the day, the cost is a bit of a waste as lower cost vodkas like Deep Eddy do the trick rather nicely. Try some combinations with shots at your local bar, or in your back seat after visiting the local convenience store, I care not.  But give Deep Eddy a whirl on this agenda.  I think you will be satisfied in both taste, buzz and pocketbook

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