OK. I must say that the Rum Guy got creative in his reviews tying music lyrics to rum reviews.  I am clapping…..a, oh, not quite.  They are to Beatles lyrics….which I hate. Seems Rum Guy and his immediate friends are stuck in yesteryear.  Come on dude, get in the now.  But a stunningly creative review as well is a must read. And, I have to admit, since this is a vodka site, I have been slacking since I have grown a bit dry on trying vodkas….so enjoy the Rum Guy……..now!

Begrudgely yours, Admin.

 The Rum Guy has been quite a slacker lately.  No, not in trying to find the best rums for the best value, but rather putting those reviews in some kind of coherent, semi-readable ramble.  So, inspiration struck me the other night while listening to some “oldies” with son John.  Why not do a (pardon the expression) “mash-up” of the last few rums I have  tried in a similar fashion to the back side (that’s the second side for you young ones who don’t remember vinyl records) of the Beatles Abbey Road?  With apologies to the Fab Four….Hmmm, let’s try this:  Disclaimer:  The lyric quotes are Lennon/McCartney”

“Mean Mr. Mustard-sleeps in the park, shaves in the dark…..such a dirty old man….”  That would be Cockspur 12… a rum from Barbados. Crafted from a Danish seaman back in 1884.  The distillery is on Brighton Beach, just a touch north of the capital, Bridgetown.  The beachside distillery still produces what they call the most popular rum in Barbados.  The glass bottled with the black label and red, strutting rooster is simple, not overly attractive.      Tasting it….Hmmm, was not impressed.  This aged award-winning dark rum has a complicated initial flavor with fruits, cherry, oak but a very “muddy” finish. It is not a good sipping rum.  Mixes OK with regular cola, not so well with diet cola, and not at all with fruit juice…..at over $32 a bottle, this was a big disappointment, like

 “Polythene Pam”, but Cypress Creek Reserve is a local rum from DEW Distillery in Wimberley, Texas.  .  “You could say she was attractively built….” This tall, thin bottle has a black label with a faux Hill-Country painting of oak trees and a creek.  Well done, kinda like a wine label.   This was their vanilla flavored rum and I could tell this is a newer product.  This was a very bland, very vague, rum.  So light, “She Came in Through The Bathroom Window” and left the same way. This rum disappeared in cola, hung around like a little sister with diet cola and the vanilla vanished with fruit juice.  At roughly $25 per bottle, it was vaguely disappointing.   Y’all Keep trying DEW.  Keep plugging away. I am convinced that Texas Rums can be successful.  I love Railean Rums, for example from the coast.

“Once there was a way, to get back homeward….Golden Slumbers filled my eyes”… this would be South Bay rum, a handcrafted product from Hato Nuevo, Santo Domingo, The Dominican Republic. The overly busy pale yellow label features a boat beached on the shore with some indiscernible  vegetation in the background.   This is a small-batch rum, with good open flavors of fruit, sugar cane, oak and a hint of licorice(?).  Not a great sipping rum, it works well with cola and diet cola, but vanishes in fruit drinks.  At around $32 a bottle, “Boy, you’ve got to carry that weight, carry that weight a long time”….and that price is a heavy load for what you get…..

“Are you gonna be in my dreams, tonight….” “ …love you…”  This would be Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva, from Venezuela.  Some previously reviewed rums from Venezuela have not been kind, but this rum rapidly became one of my favorites. This becomes very comfortable, like warm house shoes on a cold floor.  The squat, dark green frosted bottle, hints of the magic fermented juice.  The busy label looks like an example from an old stamp collection.  Busy, but intriguing.  This is an antique rum, distilled from exclusive heavy rum reserves.  With some aged rums, the flavor and texture don’t really reflect the longer aging process, probably because of the blending.  Yes, you get a smoother, more consistent flavor by blending, but you also blend a lot of character out.  Not this 80 proof rum. You can taste the 12 years with notes of ginger, fruit, rum cake, and oak.  This is a very balanced rum, blends beautifully with both cola and diet cola.  It accents the fruit juices but blends with a smooth twist of the hips, like long-partnered salsa dancers.  This rum makes my Top Ten.

“And in the end, the love you take, is equal to the love you make…..”

I love rum, and look forward to continuing to try them from all over the world.  For those of you keeping score at home:

Cockspur 12 – 3 corks

Cypress Creek Reserve—3 ½ corks

South Bay – 5 corks

Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva  8 corks

…….”Her majesty’s a pretty nice girl, but she doesn’t have a lot to say…..today I’m gonna make her mine, oh yeah,  today I’m gonna make her mine…”

The Rum Quest Continues!

–musically yours,

The Rum Guy

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