Long time no talk.  Sorry folks.  Had to dry out. Further, Vodka, despite the name of our site, just has not tasted as good lately….so we draw upon one of our experts in another field, namely, that one of Rum.  s you know, we have posted many Rum reviews in the past….so for you Vodka fans, get used to it.  We will be back with more Vodka reviews as we have sampled some interesting ones of late.  meanwhile, indulge the Rum Guy:


Today’s taste-test of the rums from around the world, bring us to “Sailor Jerry” a 92 proof spiced rum from the Sailor Jerry family makers based out of scenic Edison, New Jersey.  Why “Sailor Jerry”? Well, why not?  The easy to spot bottle has a drawing of a ‘Wahini” an attractive Hawaiian dancer on a cream colored label.   Norman Collins was a seaman who travelled the world and ended up in Honolulu, Ha. and became an entrepreneur and a tattoo  artist among other endeavors.  Reading his back story leads me to believe he would have been an amazing guy to hang out with and drink rum.  Good choice.

The screw-top bottle opens easily, and the liquid lightning fills the glass smoothly.  The first sip is always straight with no ice or anything else.  The spices that come to the surface are vanilla, cinnamon, and a little nutmeg.  The finish is dry and stout, but not mechanical.  The well-done website advises that it is blended with several Caribbean Rums and the spices.  This is a rum that works best mixed with cola or diet cola.  Straight up is a little overpowering, while mixed with fruit juices it sometime competes with the fruit rather than accenting the flavor.

I had heard disparaging words about this rum and was prepared to dislike it, but was surprised at the flavors it presented.  At about $18 a bottle, it is a value rum, not the best that can be found but certainly better than many I have tried.  I give it 6 corks out of 10, but it does not make the Top Ten.

The Rum Quest Continues!

–The Rum Guy

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