Today’s review is on a white or silver rum product “born and raised” in Texas.  Railean White Rum is from Railean  Distillery in San Leon Texas, on the shores of Galveston Bay.  I have previously reviewed their darker Reserve XO rum with favorable results.  Would the white hold up their side?

First, the bottle.  Railean’s “mascot”the Monk Parakeet is colorful and makes for a very attractive bottle.  Evidently the San Leon area has a large population of these birds.  The large black and green label has the mascot prominently displayed.  This makes the bottle stand out on the shelf at my local retail establishment.

How is the rum?  Opening the bottle, you get the clear, bright presentation.  The first flavor is smooth, with a little metallic back-bite at the finish.  This rum is a dry, crisp rum, with a little citrus.  It mixes exceptionally well with cola’s both diet and regular and also flourishes with fruit juice and “boat”drinks.   This is a very good white rum.  At about $23 a bottle it is not a cheap rum, but the quality is worth the price.

If you are looking for break away from the “big house”distilleries of white rum, I strongly recommend the Railean White.   I am looking forward to trying their single barrel Small Cask rum.

As an lagniappe, note that Railean is also now making “Agave Spirits” , what most people would call Tequila.  Technically, like sparkling wine can only be called Champagne if made in the Champagne region of France, only Agave spirits imported from Mexico and must be either 100% Blue Agave or Mixed can be called Tequila.  Hence, Railean makes three different types of Agave Spirit.  Next time I am in the mood to make Marguerita’s, I will pick up one of theirs to try.

The Rum Quest continues!

The Rum Guy

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