Well, we are back on the Vodka trail after taking a few months off.  Had to let my supply dwindle since I buy bottles to review.  We are now back on Texas Vodka.  No less, and once again, from the Austin area.  Dripping Springs to be specific, which is about 30 minutes (sans Austin traffic) outside and southwest of Austin.

1876 Vodka

Not for the lightweights

This is yet another grain based Vodka that is part of the ever growing micro batch distillers who pride themselves on making more handcrafted, small batch Vodkas with usually a twist of some sort in the production process. In this case, a family owned distillery out of this sleepy little, now becoming a suburb of Austin despite the tree huggers is not the first to prodcue out this area. Now Texas is a very proud state, and as much as I love Austin, all things Austin come with a billing of pretentiousness.  Same goes for our little vodka.  Given a bottle as a gift, I quickly tore into the bottle to seek its advantages.  After all, there are a bevy of awards bestowed upon this vodka which just has to make it good, right? Not so much.

Upon first taste of this vodka, once it got beyond the lips and into the palate, well, it is pretty rough. Behind the decidely turpentine taste was a hint of grain taste that added to a somewhat smoother middle of the sip (or chug if you so desire), follwed by an absolute horrific ending that excelled way past the initial blast.  Had I lost my taste? Gone on too much to other liquors, and upon my return to the motherland, lost my sense of taste for the products?  Perhaps.  I welcome other experiences and comments.  But my experience was less than satisfactory leaving me quite glad the bottle had come to me gratis. With the hardship, I mixed it with pineapple juice to try to lessen the pain.  This was just OK.  I cannot recommend it as a mixer either unless you wish to disposed of a perfectly good mixer…….

The packaging as you can see is quite simple and clean.  Clearly not too much is spent on the packaging. The price point for this product is similar to that of the basic Absolut, Finlandia, or other in this catagory.  Take a test for yourself. Maybe you can see if the awards are justified or it is another Austin area product trying to take advantage of the Austin self-engrandinzing attitudes. Peace and happy drinking.

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