Today’s rum tasting is a product from Spain called Dos Maderos.  This rich gold libation comes in a pleasantly solid etched glass bottle with the light yellow label marked “5+3”.  This is a very unusual rum, in that it is originally from Guyana and Barbados, aged five years in oak casks, then an additional three years in casks that held 20 year Sherry.  Hmm, quite interesting premise.  Opening the cork top to let the rum breather, you get a hint of oak and molasses.  The first straight sip was somewhat unimpressive, some fruit flavor, with a touch of vanilla, and spice.  The finish is very clean with a pecan overnote.  This rum mixes very well with both diet and regular cola, and surprisingly well with fruit juices.  With juice the pecan and oak were more pronounced.  At almost $40 per bottle, this is a high-end product.  Is it worth the price?  This rum reminds me of the hot girl you had a crush on in high school and tried to hang around with her and her friends.  After a few months of failure you begin to notice her little sister who is always annoyingly around.  She is not as pretty, or as well-built, but funny, and cute, and fun.  This rum is like that little sister, it grows on you after a while.  The first part of the bottle was going to get a disappointing review, but by the time it was empty, I had grown to appreciate the subtleness of the flavors.  Would I buy it again?  Probably not, bit I could see giving it as a gift.

We have not tasted a lot of product out of Spain. In the end, this was a good beginning for rum from this market.  I look forward to sampling more from Spain and reporting accordingly

This rum gets a solid 6 corks out of ten.

The Rum Quest continues!

–The Rum Guy