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If anyone out there has nothing better to do, Google “vodka”.  It is just amazing the number of hits that will come back with different vodka brands that have figured out by their web developers how to get on the first 25 or so pages of Google. I suspect that there is a slew of other brands out there who have not figured out how to maximize the search engine algorithm. Even so, it this points to the fact that the vodka market is full of choices.  From the major brands, the premium brands, down to the localized distiller that carves a niche that they hope will make them enough to sustain the business model. Like most distilled spirits, the market is horribly crowded. We try review the vodkas on the market here at  Frankly, we have so many more to go based upon the market.  In the end, the vodka marketplace may be at a saturation stage. There are so many choices out there. As we review the different vodkas, we must stay focused on the true taste and experience we have with each vodka reviewed. With a crowded market such as this, the differences between the various options tend to blend together in our reviews.

The interesting part of the market has been the independent small distillers looking to make a name for themselves. We have many in Texas.  Austin, Texas area is home to a slew of local distillers.  Savvy, Titos (review here previously) Deep Eddy (reviewd here as well previously), Enchanted Rock, Dripping Springs……the list likely goes on for several I am missing. When is enough is enough?  Market dynamics will drive everything, I understand this, but in the end, we just must understand that market saturation can take place.  When drinking vodka became the “in” thing, the offering were more sparse. Great brands like Grey Goose and Belvidere became house hold names with the market place willing to shell out big bucks for their “call” martini containing these brands.

But as the market place matured, we now see so many micro distilleries, some of which are really excellent. As well, we see all of the various options for vodka based drinks prepackaged into flavors.  As you know here, we tend to review only the base vodkas.  But we cannot ignore the marketplace. This is what everyone is drinking.  The flavored vodkas appeal to a younger audience. These micro distilleries, seeking survival, have jumped on the flavored market.  Hell, Deep Eddy vodka (by the way, Deep Eddy is named after a public swimming pool in Austin) is a much less selling product than their vodka ice tea. To me, a gimmick, but the public buys it, especially on sixth street in Austin.

We will continue to review vodkas here at We will target unflovored offerings for the most part.  But bottom line, the vodka market is saturated, and we cannot ignore reviewing some of those flavored offerings in the end as well.  And we will so. But only as we see fit.

Happy vodka drinking, and I do not care if you drink responsibly or not, that is up to you.

I have stated here that we are more about reviewing straight up vodka as opposed to the flavored vodkas.  With that said, of course, we have reviewed two entries in the flavored market with good results. So a reader posted a comment wishing to know more information on the flavored vodka market.  What is the size, revenues, etc. Good question. While we do not have revenue figures, we do have an overall feeling on the marketplace. As stated on our page “Marketplace” we have stated that the vodka market is more mature….it went through the desperately popular phase which effectively gave birth to a lot of the premium brands we have reviewed here and most have come to know well. Martini’s were the rage.  But “martini” then meant straight up vodka, well shaken, with a little “dirt” in it, such as olive juice, or vermouth.  Now, martini’s mean everything under the sun.  They are laced with all kinds of flavors and concoctions that vary little from other specialty drinks.

All this to make the point, that as a market matures, the brands that enjoyed their cash cow position introduces new products to keep the interest of the buying public and try to further gain that all mighty market share that all the financial whacks in each company wish to see. The straight up vodka market has matured and flattened. It is not disappearing.  But the market place is now enriched with offerings from many premium brands to the movement taking place now whereby local distilleries are making their brand….many marketing regionally at first, then going on to a more national scale.  Tito’s of the Austin area fits this.  I hate Tito’s. Texans love it. Every place in this region carries it, and now, it is expanded to a larger market. We will be reviewing a few of these regional offerings in the near future

But the other thing that has happened is the onslaught of flavored vodkas. This market place overall nearly equals the straight vodka market in size.  Every premium brand now offers a multitude of of flavored vodkas.  These are driving the drink choices in the mixtures mentioned above that call themselves martini’s, if but for the only reason is that they are served in a martini goblet.  Once again, while I do not have the numbers or the patience to research such, I do know the size is as stated above.

I continue to focus on the straight vodka market in this site, and will continue to do so. But I know that many of the readers out there are more familiar with the flavored vodka market.  Many of you started drinking vodka onluy on flavored vodkas.  And for this, we will also continue to post periodic reviews on the flavored market as well

Happy drinking.